Service description

1. Presentation

  • free consultation
  • discussion of goals and objectives of the client
  • presentation of investment strategies (investment properties)

Price: free

2. Specification of final search parameters and signing the buyers agent contract

Price: 700 € including VAT 24 % (starting fee/ basic fee)
*process begins after signing the buyers agent contract and payment of the base fee

3. Searching the property

  • specification of search parameters
  • signing the buyers agent contract
  • searching the desired property (real estate marketplaces, public listings, silent listings and auctions)
  • presentation of the best matching properties (max. 5 quality listings)

Price: included in starting fee / basic fee
Period up to 60 days (depending on the property)

4. Inspecting the selected properties

  • due diligence of selected properties (on-site review of max. 5 properties and reporting to the client)
  • checking the seller’s ownership of the property
  • checking for encumbrances
  • checking the state of the object (external, internal)
  • collecting information about accomplished and planned renovations
  • risk analysis (pros and cons)
  • profitability calculation (investment properties)
  • preparation of the object description
  • sending a verification report
  • selection of the apartment for acquisition
  • consultation of renovation (if needed) price on request

Price: included in starting fee / basic fee
Period up to 60 days (depending on the property)

5. Trade of property

  • consulting on the buying process
  • negotiations with the seller, bargaining
  • preparing an offer to the seller
  • conclusion of a preliminary purchase agreement with the seller
  • assistance in signing real estate sales and purchase agreement
  • assistance in the implementation of the transaction and payment of property transfer tax
  • registering ownership to property register

Price: 0.9 % of the debt free purchase price (payment at conlusion of the sale / date of signing the final sales agreement)
Period up to 90 days

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