Nordic Real Estate Broker

We provide a quality turnkey real estate brokerage service with the best
price-quality ratio in the Capital region. As a local professional our
main objective is to bring economic value and legal safety to our
clients. We handle all assignments efficiently, responsibly and
respecting the wishes of our clients.

Our professional team includes real estate agent Mr. Tommi (authorised real estate agent / authorised apartment leasing agent), lawyer Mrs. Liina (LLM) and Sales representative Mr. Juha (MHM).

Our most popular services and fees

Buyer’s agent service

from 700€
+ 1.0% incl. VAT 24%

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Traditional brokerage service

from 2.0% incl. VAT 24%

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Property Evaluation service

from 190 € incl. VAT 24%

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Lease service

1 x monthly lease

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We are a licensed brokerage company approved by the Finnish Regional State Administrative Agency and follow the rules of good brokerage practice according to Central Federation of Finnish Real Estate Agencies.


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